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The Spinal Cord Perception by Joshua S. Porter (Aardvark Global Publishing. 2006).
Reviewed by Kevin A. Penrod, Jr.

This is a book that I have read numerous times and have never gotten tired of. It’s excellently written. It is a novel made up of interweaving stories from the narrator’s past experiences. David Rivers, a substitute teacher, loses his teaching license after an incident in an elementary school when he brings a monster to class. The monster, the Llapasllaly, traumatizes the students. David then moves to California where he starts suffering from hallucinations involving a co-worker turning into a giant lizard, a giant talking fly, and more. After an accident occurs, he moves back to Georgia and gets his teaching license back. The Llapasllaly returns and his life is forever changed. This is the debut novel from Josh Porter who is also known by his stage name for the band Showbread, Josh Dies. It is an amazing dark and tragic love story with a great message hidden in its pages. Every word paints a picture of what is happening to this character. The novel is overflowing with imagination and genius in every chapter. The author had great insight on everything he wrote about in this novel. Due to some very graphic content, I wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers. But I highly recommend it to everyone else.

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